a revamp and a soft launch

Why hello! Yes, Proper Comics is back.

I started Proper Comics a few years ago under the name of, I think, the Comics Corner. I didn’t really have much of a purpose, and I didn’t really have much to say. At some point I decided I would critique the cover art of all 52 Issue #1s of DC’s New 52 (which tells you how long ago this was) but I quickly realized that A) I didn’t know how to write intelligently about art and B)


So. That quickly fizzled.

But now Proper Comics for Proper Young Ladies and Gentlemen is reborn! The original impetus is still there−I love talking comics with friendly, like-minded people. This time around, I want to do it in a way that involves less complaining about a storytelling medium that I do truly love. Obviously there will be some critique, but in general I want this to be a positive place.

This site won’t cover everything. It can’t. Other sites are faster on news, other sites have the time and people to comment on everything that’s happening in the comics world. This is a one-woman show dictated purely by my interests. If I’m not watching this season of Doctor Who, I won’t be posting about this season of Doctor Who and I’m not going to watch it just so I have something to write about. If I’m at work when the next scandal breaks, 5,000 other sites will beat me to it and I’m totally cool with that.

Mostly, I want this site to be a dialogue, not a monologue. (That’s where you come in.) I guess I kind of want this to be like a salon. A fancy salon with tea and cucumber sandwiches and doilies and exquisite old-fashioned manners. But with superheroes.

Let’s do this.