Who writes this blog?

Greetings, internet wanderer! My name is Grace, and I keep this blog to talk about comics. Comics are great.

This site isn’t really about me, but if you must have some info… how’s this:

  • I’m a very improper lady living in Boston
  • I like good books and terrible TV shows
  • my favorite writers are Oscar Wilde, Agatha Christie, and Ann M. Martin
  • my favorite movie is Star Wars
  • when I grow up I am going to be Emma Peel
  • I have a black cat named Wednesday (as in Addams) and an orange cat named Watson (as in Elementary, my dear)
  • aside from this blog, I am most active on the internet as gracetopia on Twitter

You can contact me via the tab above (the one that says “Contact”), although let’s be real Twitter is probably faster.